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Drool on this…. 48% off Tear, Drool & Waterproof Baby Books!

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Dear Babies,  Indestructibles books were designed just for you. Chewing and ripping are just as fun as looking at picture books, so go right ahead and do your worst!

Follow the stories, chew, pull, and bend these beautifully illustrated baby books. When they’re dirty, wash them with soap and warm water, or throw them in the bath tub. These wordless storybooks might feel soft and paper-like, but they’re waterproof, tear-resistant, and… indestructible! Whether it’s a picture-identifying or a story-telling experience, these books offer something to every baby. Hours of fun and developmental learning are packed into each Indestructibles book set, so give your baby a book that can be enjoyed over and over.

Indestructibles have something unique to offer babies at all their developmental stages between 0 and 2 years. Because they are wordless, your conversation can change as your baby develops, understands, and interacts with you more and more. Here are some examples of ways a baby might use an Indestructible at different developmental stages (these are just examples; your baby will have his/her own unique experience).

The Juicy Details:  

tear-resistant books: made of ultra-durable tight woven material

waterproof: can be chewed on, sucked on, and washed

emergent literacy tool: wordless pictures encourage dialogic reading

portable: simple stitch binding allows them to slide easily into a diaper bag

safe for baby – meets ASTM safety standards

each book measures 7″ x 7″

BPA and phthalate-free

Items to ship within 1 business day!